Actor, Singer, Dancer



Fading Brightness

May 4 - 12, Dubai

a post-modern Dance-Theater Rom-Com

Loom Ensemble's 4th full length Dance-Theater collaboration with thejamjar, Dubai

What the Jellyfish Knows -- Dubai Premiere

March 29 - April 28, four weekends of performances

@ thejamjar, Al Serkal

Two years in development, this full-length solo dance-theater performance is inspired by the “Deep Sea” episode of David Attenborough's BBC Planet Earth and its classic score by George Fenton.

“What The Jellyfish Knows” invokes the awe-striking beauty of our planets waters, with the scientific content of a nature documentary plus intense physicality (read: pouring sweat), lots of song (and sing-alongs), and an urgent call to activism.


Marisa Michelson's  Desire/Divinity Project

February 1-3, 8pm

@ the historic Judson Memorial Church

To be human is to desire. Musicalizing the Western world's oldest erotic poem ("Song of Songs") and Anne Carson's visceral translation of Sappho's fragments, this piece embodies the joyful and aching tension between earthly and divine love. Fifteen singer-movers, members of Constellation Chor, explore singing as a way of merging the interior self with the exterior world. A mixture of live music video, opera, oratorio, and ritual, Desire/Divinity enlivens the sensual and the sacred, the body and the spirit.

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