is for people who want to use their body's natural intelligence to soften the stresses of life,

deepening connections with what they value most,

and finding home within themselves and their surroundings.

Visit for up to date class schedule.


Students must be able to breathe, laugh, and/or have a body to participate.

After several years teaching private and group classes in New York City, here I am in Dubai. 

If you're interested in scheduling a private session, please contact me at RaphaelSacks <at>

1 on 1 class prices

325dh per hour
1500dh for 5 sessions
2750 for 10 sessions

About the Class and the Instructor:

With yoga poses, "pranayama" breathing practice, and meditation, we will develop the tools to help you show up for your own life this year. 

Simple Yoga grows from the principle that when you care for yourself, you become more able to care for others.

With less pain, and less brain-clutter, you listen better to the information you receive about your own life, you make clearer decisions, and you are more able to fully engage in the rest of your projects.

"500 hour" trained Simple Yoga teacher Raphael Sacks, specializes in teaching people with injuries, tightness or limited range of movement, and also in meditation and pranayama breathwork.

Raphael is appreciated for spaciousness in the flow of his classes, and for balancing "head" and "heart" in his instructions--presenting both the the anatomical basis of yoga poses, and the philosophy of vibrant openness those poses embody.  

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