Actor, Singer, Dancer

Artistic Director, Loom Ensemble

Some theater I've made :

"Burning Fresh,"  work in progress with Neva Cockrell

Jam Jar Warehouse Art Space, Dubai, 2013

"Ad Mortem,"  with the Art Monastery Project,

Spoleto International Fringe Festival, Italy, 2012

Loom Ensemble Album Release Concert

TheatreLab, NYC  2013

"Erosion: a Fable,"  with Loom Ensemble (as Artist Director)

La MaMa, NYC 2012


"Theatricale"  with Urban Research Theater

Lincoln Center, NYC 2011

...and some songs I sing:

Bach Solo Cello Prelude for Voice

Just an excerpt--I'm slowly polishing up the full Prelude. Recorded at home on my iPod. 

Yes those are scale degrees.

"Hammer This Heart" excerpt. From last spring's new album with the Loom Trio.

Composed by Sasha Bogdanowitsch               (Tenor voice),
Kate Hamilton, (Soprano)
That's me on bottom.

Check out the rest of this album at:

Labro, Italy 2013: an amazing summer of collaborative artmaking.
Recorded in the village chapel, on a mountaintop in Lazio. 
From "Ad Mortem" created at the Art Monastery Project, as one of the ArtMonks-in-residence. 

Check out

composer: Charles Darius
viola: Andi Hemminway

Feedback? Ideas?

I'd love to hear it. Let me know.

RaphaelSacks <at>


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